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The Freakshow In The Gorbals

Featuring... The Recap, Cerberon, Fatal Collision, Arc Arrival, Volcano X and Unjustice.

All video footage by Will (Demon Dethchase on Youtube). A shout out to The Doomsday Report too who working with Will interviewed many of the bands there and uploaded the interviews and concert footage to their facebook page as well as Will's channel.

It's a 'cosy bombsite' or words to that extent the excitable manager remarks. Inside one of the garage arches of the old Gorbals railway viaduct that closed to passenger train services many years ago resides a lovely bric-à-brac nerdy shop and music venue called The Icebox. The character filled grey tenements that would've surrounded the venue have been long been knocked down many years ago as part of the infamous Glasgow clearances and following city regeneration. The soul of the Gorbals of the past is arguably forever lost but it's lasting legacy has been left on the arts, culture and social psyche of Glaswegians today and still continues on for future generations to come.

It's fitting that tonight at the Ice Box the raw urban feeling of the Gorbals is alive again in the form of six young heavy metal bands with dedicated audience at the Freakshow in the Icebox.

T H E - R E C A P

I arrive just in time to catch The Recap finishing off their opener Lit Fuse. It was quite heavy as the drummer has to make a quick change of a faulty kick drum pedal upon the finishing of the song. The unscheduled break lets the bassist and guitarist have a quick impromptu comical blues jam with the crowd clapping along. Laughter as it ends from the crowd and the band. With the kick drum pedal fixed the band relax going into the next song, History. It's a chilled out soft punk rock song to tap your fingers to. There's an indie vibe to it with a cool guitar solo too, maybe like a more raw Pixies. A change up occurs with a middle 8 to liven it up a little. Next up is Unknown Soilder that front man singer/guitarist dedicates to his gran. It's a bit heavier and features a swung grungy heaviness. It changes about half way through into a drum and bass led funky rock number.

Certainly a 90s rock influenced band especially with the singers hair style. The next song, Drain You, I thought was a Nirvana copy but turns out it was an enjoyable Nirvana cover. Nice. Did it justice. The two next songs, Dreams and Be Careful, go along in the band's swung grunge style. Be Careful is the more noticeable of the two with an excellent bass solo that got a few cheers from the crowd. The final song of the set is Happiness. It gets to feature another bass solo. Yay. BASS FACE!!! In seriousness though, this song is the best in the bands set. Upon watching the set I was expecting a fizzle out but the band pull out some very interesting dynamic chord changes to the song taking the crowd on quite a journey. This a band that is rocking out and evolving in their sound.


Holy shit! A few of us are thinking as the volume in here goes up to 10. Cerberon literally explode into Horrors Of Dunwich. I'm thinking it's a very blackened doom sounding with lots of exciting riffs. We get treated to a strong BREAKDOWN before going into a fast bit with lots of headbanging. Big cheers from the crowd, excellent opener.

A lofi sounding bass intro leads us into Gognir. The band hit the throttle and speed into some raw death metal. Machine gun like fire comes from the drums during the breakdown of this very atmospheric sounding song. The atmosphere from the band grows more with the feeling of high tension thrashing as one of the members from the headline act Injustice joins the band for the song The Monster Operation

Next up is a song about killing Nazis. Eisenfaust. It has a teutonic thrash and hardcore punk feel along the lines of Discharge. Lots of headbanging. Lots of variety to the heaviness.

Stroggified follows. It's the opening track on their demo ep. It's slow, big, powerful and groovy. It's got a cool break part with just guitar, bass and heart pounding kick drum. It's a bit quieter than before and after in the song, a dynamic addition to the song before speeding up again. It's a really enjoyable song.

Finishing up, the final song is... Am I Evil? by freakin' DIAMOND HEAD. WOW!!! I was not expecting a cover of this at all. With the thrashing, atmospheric heaviness and excellent lyrics the band hit into it naturally capturing the soul of the piece. That awesome guitar solo is very well done before the band goes smashing into that famous evil demonic riff that influenced so many of the original thrash metal bands. Beautiful! The band perform the song perfectly and finish the set to many happy cheers. Notable tonight is... It's mostly young folk. We're all old school though.

F A T A L - C O L L I S I O N

It's a freakshow. But it's also a party obviously and it's about to get started. Fatal Collision take to the stage and perform a comical cover of The Big Show's WWE theme song as their opener. WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL IT'S THE BIG SHOW!!!

It's gets a few laughs from us wrestling fans in the audience and pumps us all up like a good wrestling theme song should.

The band then sets into metal thrashing mad party mode of a quick sucession of songs, starting off with Brain Slug. It's that happy destructive sound of party thrash.

SS Slaughter follows with galloping swinging riffs. Noticeable about this band is a very colourfully dressed singer. Some sort of Prince meets Freddy Mercury playing thrash metal kind of look I'd say. Now that I think about it.. He might have been dressed like the joker or probably just himself, whatever. Also the bass player is wearing a Space Jam Looney Tunes basketball vest. There's some fashion icons in this band i tell ye!

A quick hiccup happens on stage as the guitarist has broken string. Another guitar is quickly provided but the guitarist can't find the hole for his instrument cable! Of all the places for that to happen, haha. A slightly embarrassed singer quirks to the audience that it's their "first and also last show!" Can't say they've not been entertaining so far.

Next up is Abombmination. The band quickly go to hitting their stamping fast stride again. Good stuff

Bible basher follows, it has that d-beat plus a kind of Overkill vibe to it.

Next we're treated to a Bad Brains cover, Right Brigade. Didn't know it was a cover until seeing their setlist. Nice one! There's a good little bit of hardcore punk influence with this band. The following song is Buck Fast Die Young! It's thrashy and funny.

Another song of theirs follows before we finally get to the last song. Unleash The Bastards, a cover of Municipal Waste. A good way to end their contribution to the Freakshow that's now become a party.

A R C - A R R I V A L A cinematic movie soundtrack sounds around the venue as we look to the stage as Arc Arrival grace us with their presence. The music fades and we're treated to some driven deathcore as the band opens with their newest single Wartorn. An impressive dynamic mix of clean, grunted and screamed vocals feature through out the song. Melodi andc quickly strummed chord progressions feature through out well written choruses. It's deathcore so there it ain't no party without a slamming break down. Nice short drum solo during the breakdown too. A nice melodic middle 8 follows before a super breakdown ends the song.

Next up is Resurrection which starts off with a really good classic deathcore riff DUN dun dun dun dow dow dow (video explains it better)! Palm muted riffs feature through out this song which is enjoyable. A nice inspirational chorus too. A clean outro / break features before a sexy blastbeat breakdown. To finish off the song we get a really satisfying building riff to end.

Divinity quickly follows. HEY HEY HEY shouts the audience as the band plays with the guitarist doing an awesome shredding intro. Deeps piercing hits from the drum build on the intro. The song kicks in with impressive abstract sounding riffage and double kicks from the drum. The song jumps around in interesting form going from clean breaks to double kicked breakdowns and back again working around theme/musical key of the cool abstract riff that began the song. There's a nice drum led break too before the band go to the final parts of the song.

Next up... If you love deep sounding djenting guitars and sick harmonics then this is the song for you, Eternal Torment! This is heavy. Brutal post metal sounding. Some nice disjointed chords making up an unpleastant sounding good chorus. There's some lofi blastbeats and shredding bits in the second part of the song too.

Engineered To Die. Good song title! Is the next song. This starts with a lovely scream from singer who has kept up his ferocious vocal range through the whole set. It's brutal again from the band and rightly so with hard hitting blasting drums. There's a lovely melodic outro to this song.

A very good set. This band and Cerberon have been my favourites so far tonight!

V O L C A N O - X

It's at this point in the gig we have a slightly extended break between bands as Volcano X set up their own amps and drums on stage. This band play very loud. They play with a more overdriven sound rather than distorted sound so they're naturally much louder. With them all set up it's now on to the set.

A recorded synth intro plays... It builds...

Guitar and drums join in. IT GETS BIGGER!!!



Big chord hits come from the band until...

The speed metal commences as the band opens with Rapturous. ((Rap-Tu-Rooo-Us) as the chorus goes). One word chorus, four syllables... Nice! We get treated to at least two minutes of glorious soloing in this song. This is band of big rock sound and bigger solos. Raise your fist in euphoria to the sound of metal!

The fast energy continues with Supernova. Big classic rock chords hit to begin this powerful song. Lovely high pitched singing and pleasant on key screams too! It's one of those headbanging and tapping you foot songs. The middle part then suddenly goes really fast before returning the song back to the big classic rock sounds. I love it when a middle re-energises a song.

Next up we have their ballad song Take The Reins. It starts off with a nice woah singalong bit which is instantly memorable once you hear it. Another simple chorus features in this song which is enjoyable. Just a catchy song you'll find yourself humming along to.

Dead Behind The Eyes is the only song not on the debut album played tonight. I'm assuming it's a new one. It was quite punk rock sounding.


What can I say about this absolute belter of a traditional heavy metal tune?! Hearing is believing. It's the powerful opener to their awesome debut album The Eruption and tonight it is the set ender!!!

With exciting vocals and riffs throughout and with chants of HEAVV VE MET TAL in the middle bit from everyone in the crowd it's a must hear song.


We've finally made it to the final band tonight. Balloons seem fill the venue floor from nowhere. A band takes to the stage. One of the guitarists with Zebra trousers and a bassist with very big hair. I wonder if we're in for glam treat at first until they hit the first notes of their set. A small dedicated fan base is in the crowd too.

A big scary sounding intro fills the PA until the band fires into upbeat fast thrash in a sped up Kill'em All style hard hitter of an opener. It's got nice breaks and cool ascending fast bits. Some cool scraping plectrum slides on the guitar strings too.

Keeping with a Metallica theme the band goes to cover a classic, For Whom The Bell Tolls. It went down well with the crowd.

Next up is a song that is a bitch to play but one of the singers favourites, it's, D-Day. A ferociously quick number. At one point the song sticks on a repetitive 2 chords sequence that has a Darkthrone feeling to it.

Fall Of Justice. Starts off with a thundering bass line that kinda resembles Orgasmatron by Motorhead if I remember correctly. It's one of their biggest songs of the night. Lots of variety and riff changes in here. Cool choruses, break downs, ascending middle 8s. open chord breaks and then building and thundering and speeding up before hitting the blastbeats. A nice re-intro ties it all back together before hitting a big chorus again. Upon the outro part of the song there is a change up of chords just to add additional epicness.

Next up is Ocean Godness which was written on the toilet according to the frontman. The song starts off with super evil sounding chords. When the band jumps into the song we have a ruthless full on attacking sounds in the vain of Slayer or Sodom. It sounded like a badass motherfucker of a song.

Continuous brutality continues with Lethal Injection. This one with faster spinning riffs and lots of shredding guitar solos.

Their final song of the night is a full on thrashing assault with ocasionall blastbeats. There's a few relaxed middle 8s in there to keep things interesting too. It's a great end to a fantastic set.

Thanks for reading all this! Check out all the bands!!!

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