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Dare To Face Fear - Midnight Force and Kramp

It's Sunday night and it's the final show of the three show UK leg of the Midnight Force (Sco) and Kramp (Esp) tour following previous nights in Lancaster and Edinburgh on Friday and Saturday respectively. Both bands will be heading out to play Madrid and Alicante in Spain on the 18th and 19th of October. Joining them in tonight's traditional heavy metal festivities is Eliminator (eng) who'll have played with them on all three dates of the UK leg as of tonight and finally Tantrum (Sco) who are joining the bands for tonight's show.

06/10/19 Ivory Blacks, Glasgow


I arrive just in time to catch the start of Tantrums set at two or three songs in. Upon entering the doors I hear sounds of a fresh faced take on the respected oldschool New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (nwobhm). Tantrum playing on quite a powerful ballad of a track.

Nevermore follows and begins in an impressive form of fast power metal influenced by nwobhm with dual melodic guitar lines featuring throughout the song.

Next up from their debut album is Melted Down (announces the singer... though the band disagree). Following a quick deliberation from it's actually Last Man Standing that's up next which is also from their debut album.

Last Man Standing is a Thrashing Speed Metal Number with a cool bass line.

Next up and this time it's Melt It Down. It's got a raw 80s glam feel to it with a thrashing Wasp influence. Cool dual guitars feature again in this time. Hey hey hey chants from the singer during the break part in the song is responded to by some of people in the small audience.

NWOBHM Following on is what I at first assumed to be a cover of Iron Maiden's 'Ace's High'. It's not, though the song does retain that 1980s traditional metal theme. It's a quick one and satisfying ending.


DRAMATIC!!! E chord hit from all band members completely in sync begins this set. Classic start to any set. Powerful and fast speed metal follows and doesn't disappoint. RAISE YOUR FIST! Is the main chant of the song. We Rule The Night is a good opener.

You know it's 2019 and metal still survives. The next song is about the year 2019. It was written many years ago though as a song about the future the band tells us from the stage. Not sure how old the band is and I didn't want to ask. One of those singalong Ohhhhhhh woahhhhhhhhhh guitar/vocal riffs opens the song with spinning melodic riffs following through out. A cool descending bass line makes for a good chorus. Oh yeah, the song was called 2019 too!

Some sort of Snake like sounding effect from guitar comes from the guitar as Last Horizon starts. A quick opening riff break then BOOM BOOM from the drums and full speed ahead. With a catchy chorus, then a building up reintro then a guitar solo (a pretty good one) it's quite a fun song to listen to.

Soon we have some stage banter for a bit as they introduce Pride And Ruin. It's fast 'indeed it is' I think, so double fast. There's some really nice dual solo leads in this one that was the most memorable part of the song.

Well we've had four fast ones to start off with so it's now time for a slow one. Ballad time. A soft verse starts us off until... One two three four! Shouts the drummer from a droning build up. As the song hits in it's quite melodic like good old school metal is.

Slow again. Fast. Then solo. Re-intro and DOUBLE TIME, Then finally a solo. A little gem in the set that song is.

Next song is Edge Of A Dream While they're playing I take some time to admire the effort the band took to their stage look. Guitarist, Bassist & Drummer in denim jeans and jackets and singer in all black. Looked very professional.

There's a cool middle 8 in this song.

From this point we get three songs that all seem like they'd easily all be set enders. Melodic thumping beats, melodic and heavy, is what describes Edge Of A Dream. The second part of the song goes heavier and faster which is nice.

Next up and straight in it's a swinging thrashing song. Lots of drum hits too as well.

'Oh shit another one' I think as they jump in with Outlaws Of The Highway. Yay!

Yet another unexpected song with this one being the final one of the night. An impressive scream at the end of Danger In The Skies and the end of the set confirming no loss of energy from the singer or the band. K R A M P

The young yet old-school metallers from Spain are up next for their first show in Scotland. Their music is raw and tough. With a new album in the works they are more than ready to showcase what they've been doing in the three years since their debut Wield Revenge.

Battle music "What We Need Is A Hero" from the movie 'Beowulf' plays through the PA system and a tiny atmosphere builds before a barrage of fast melodic galloping riffs thunder away in impressive form with opener Leather Warrior. It has the slight vibes of a sped up version of Princess Of The Night by Saxon

The same again follows but this time with rolling double kicks from the drums as they go fast into End Of The World.

With the third song Night Witches is change in style from the opening two songs and it being much faster.

HAIL TO THE GODS OF DEATH prominently bellows small yet strong front woman Mina in this fast fourth song. Gods Of Death is again nice and fast.

With the quick attack of the four songs finished. We get to hear some talking from the band which is nice. They talk about revenge whilst introducing their song, Tales Of Revenge.

A dancing exciting riff starts the song and an energy takes over the crowd as the band jump into this folk metal attack. A small number in the intimate crowd sway their heads whilst headbanging in a dance like fashion. This is fun and exciting as the band perform some cool stage moves too.

What I can recall of the following song, Knights Of The Realm is... it had a bit of an Iron maiden influence in there. The song followed on from the folk/power metal change.

Next up is Preserved In Time It starts with a really cool solo guitar. It's to a be a new album song. It's sounding quite big and probably is an expansion / evolution of the band sound. It's close to being their metal anthem but not quite yet I thought. It will be interesting to hear and experience the whole thing coming together when they get to the studio.

The next song to follow is Walkyrie which I thought was called Mercury at first.

A headbangers delight I thought as the opening riff played. The horns were raised high by myself and others \m/\m/. Walkyrie is fast with very little let up. A nice break does feature buts it's quickly back into it crazy again. A little cheeky bass solo also features for one bar too, nice!

A let up comes again in the form the band and audience giving the Hey! hey! hey! chants before the song jumping into some singalong Woahs. Then a guitar solo and back to the woahs. It was really enjoyable. The band is proving to have quite the variety of dynamics in their set with the past 4 songs and if the last 3 three are new ones then that's really good.

NWOBHM sounds return with the following song, Legend. Guitarist David suffers from a Broken string during the song. Upon finishing the song the next 5 minutes is time for some fun banter between the band and the crowd. Brendan of Midnight Force comes to David's rescue with a spare string. The bassist gets to do a short bass solo with a small clap and soon the band is ready to continue.

From the change of string delay I believe Underground Rebellion was cut from the set. To make up for this though the band went into their sole cover song of the set, Child Of The Damned by Warlord. They perform it well. This band knows the good old school stuff and it has rubbed off on them. Primarily though, they have played it with their own sound tonight.

Dare To Face Fear features melodic galloping riffs returning again with some added running melodic lines linking up well with Mina's vocals. A nice guitar solo features before the band moves into a powerful 1 3 5 power chord progression that roars perfectly. Ending the song is some cool folk metal guitar licks.

Assault is a quick three minute number featuring power metal and speed metal leanings again leaving us wishing for more with the chants of ONE MORE SONG! not long after the finishing of the song!

ENCORE Our demands are answered with Speed Of Light as the final song of this brilliant set. Overall I'd say there was a few moments in Kramp's set tonight where we all felt they really pushed it up a few gears. I'm really looking forward to listen to what their second album becomes. Exciting times for this band.

M I D N I G H T - F O R C E

Fired up and ready, this is a power/speed metal band ready to take on the world. With a new album Gododdin brewing very hot, ready to download from Bandcamp. With the Gododdin CD to be released on the 25th of this month and the Vinyl on the 30th via Iron Shield Records these Midnight Force fellows are on fire just now. So what went on in their set tonight?

Straight off the mark we are hit with quick speed metal with the first song off the new album it is, Eternal Emperor. It features some lovely Turkish/ Arabian style guitar licks. It's a blazing bright start and the singer, John Gunn, is rocking some very cool sunglasses.

Staccato hitting of chords intro takes place with Doom Of Kiev. The song features a nice Melodic Chorus and a cool singalong woah woahhhhh woahhhh solo.

What's lovely about seeing Midnight Force live is the singer's interesting tales of old Folklore between the songs.

This band really is an exciting mysterious yore quest set to power metal. They're also funny too, more on that later.

In Lindisfarne It Lay, hits like an anthem with it's slightly slower (by power metal standards) and bigger sound. It's a song to headbang continuously too. A nice melodic break guitar solo comes in to make it even sweeter.

Walls Of Acre hits like powerful punches in a fantastic riffage affrair. Deep bassy riffs dominate the song. A nice melodic break guitar solo comes in to let the song breathe. Soon though we are turning fast again, double time! Many in the audience are getting very excited now. As suddenly as the fast part came in we hit a break from the instruments as we hear the band sing A cappella

"We once came, full of hope // Yet hatred's all we've sown // The cross drenched in blood // Forever left to mourn" It's powerful and wonderful! Upon the singing of 'mourn' the instruments come back in and the crowd singalong to the guitar melody 'moooooooourrrrrrrrrnnnnnn' before jumping back into the chorus again. It's an epic metal anthem no doubt about that.

Excitement grows in venue as another singer joins the stage. It's Dave of the band Farseer to provide guest vocals for the song Parthia. At this point the gig is in full swing. I can't remember how this song went. Was too full of excitement and headbanging with fellow headbangers to the fantastic nwobhm influenced speed metal epicness. Horns up \m/

Next song is Covenant. Was it good...? This is my actual note from my notebook app on my phone on the night.

"Fuckin awesome

It's got fuckin awesome

Hey! hey! hey! and everyone joined in"

Song seven and seventh song of the new album is Over The Phantom Sea. Sounds a little like Maiden's Rime Of The Ancient Mariner in the intro before sounding like Midnight Force again. Quite a folky/piratey sounding singalong chorus and middle 8 actually. It is a song about the seas so, yeah. Awesome \m/

The final song of Gododdin it's, Y Gododdin. An atmospheric intro builds and the bass player Brendan is talking to crowd at the side of stage and having a laugh with us about the movie, Spinal Tap. Mimicking a few of the 'moves' from the movie. This band is serious, yet completely unpretentious and humour is never lost on them for any moment. Y Gododdin is an epic album ender with a triumphant feel with all us in the crowd still going crazy. BUY THE ALBUM HERE

Next up in quick succession is four songs off the first album, Dunsinane. It quickly becomes a singalong party straight away. First up is The Scarlet Citadel. A this point in the review I'm mostly going to type the lyrics to all the bits we sang along to. "Scarlet Citadel // Where evil dwells // Where magick reigns // And death awaits" Also in this song, Gunn, does a really cool spoken word monologue with the band backing. Oh yeah and he's already done monologues between every song tonight. John Gunn, please me tell you have Audible Books or a folklore podcast!

The party goes up to eleven as Mina from Kramp joins the band onstage to sing, Killer, the fantastic opener to Mindnight Force's first album, Dunsinane. DON'T EVEN TRY TO ESCAPE // RUNNING HAS SEALED YOUR FATE

Killer! Killer! // Nothing is safe even you // Killer! Killer! // Just one mistake and you're through // Killer! Killer! //

No one escapes his knife // Now say goodbye to your LLLLLLLLLLLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFFFFFFFEEEEEEEEE

Next is another singalong, Down With The KIng. It say's a lot about this band with their constant massive variety of songs to headbang to and singalong to. DOWN // DOWN WITH THE KING // Cut of the head of the tyrant and war shall end // DOWN // DOWN WITH THE KING // Cut of the head of the tyrant And save us from madness!

From the the quick singalongs we slow down slightly with Warlord Eternal as a swinging 'dun dundundun dundundun' rhythm encapsulates us headbangers. The second part of the song suddenly goes all fast again for a big burst of energy again. Then we have a cool slowing down outro with lots of cheers at the end. We all want more. Can't remember if we chanted MIDNIGHT FORCE! or ONE MORE SONG!

ENCORE Restless Blade

"Too busy enjoying myself" Was the only words I'd written in my little writing app. . Restless enjoyment more like. Sorry for the terrible pun but it was sheer enjoyment non stop the whole set and the whole night. A good wee final woahhhhhh singalong bit happens before the song and the night ends. What a night it was. An ecstatic crowd at the end. Many staying to talk to the band and congratulate them and Kramp too. A lovely pose for a picture by both bands sums it up as a fantastic night. - Stefan \m/

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