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Tuska Festival Day 3 Review

Featuring... Hevisaurus, Frank Carter And The Rattle Snakes, Dark Sarah, Palehorse, Behemoth, Halestorm and The Hellacopters


It's the final day of Tuska and the party rolls on. Today though the festival area has tiny mini metal warriors treading the grounds and ready to raise hell. This young army, has travelled far to see their heroes, Hevisaurus,a dinosaur themed metal band for Finnish children. Hail to you, little ones, you have fantastic taste \m/

For little kids and bigger kids alike Hevisaurus treat us to a spectacle of well crafted power metal songs and the occasional fantastic ballad. They provide funny entertainment between each song and excellent stage banter. Adults and kids laugh together. I love this band. Heavy, funny, entertaining and epic. Sometimes metal truely is awesome. This a must see act. Where do I buy merch for this band? Do they have a breakfast cereal?

F R A N K - C A R T E R - A N D - T H E - R A T T L E S N A K E S

'Punk rock in a metal festival' jokingly questions the frontman, Carter, but the growing craziness of the crowd in front of band confirms they're definitely welcome here. They play quick and fast punk rock with a little indie in there too. The band are just as mental as the crowd with each band member taking a shot of moshing with crowd. A special ladies mosh is granted from the band for a few of their songs and rightfully so. The girls in the crowd give a good mosh and enjoy themselves not having to worry gigantic male metalheads crushing them.

A special treat in the set is the band playing Juggernaut. It's the heaviest song of the set and goes down an absolute treat.

D A R K - S A R A H

Quickly after finishing watching the Rattlersnakes I head over to the Inferno stage to catch what I can of Dark Sarah. A packed hall is witness to some awesome theatrical symphonic metal. I'm impressed with the quick 15 minutes I see of them. Checking them out on Spotify now. Oh my, I may need to look into them more. Listening to Wish just now, damn I may have missed a treat here.


Having given though about standing to wait for Behemoth or not I decided to headover to give Palehorse a try to save myself waiting for twenty minutes. I was soon to find I wasn't going to be disappointed. A good mix of Rock/metal akin to the sounds of Royal blood and Queen's of the stone age but slightly heavier. There's some blast beat songs, melodic songs and prominent bass lead songs feature a lot in the bands set.

A huge task for the band is competing with the draw of Behemoth. However they keep the crowd willing to give them a chance interested. Sometimes the band adds a few Djent riffs and clean vocals into their songs as well.

B E H E M O T H / H A L E S T O R M (quick review)

Between Palehorse and The Hellacopters I decide to chill out for a while and get a beer or two at the bar and give my aching back a rest from standing during the whole weekend.

I catch what's left of Behemoth's set. They play well and it's noticable with these black metal legends how technically proficient their approach is in creating their atmospheric sound compared to other black metal bands that tend to use a lot of tremolo repetition. Nice and fast with a few guitar solos and quick changing parts is their style. It's quite enjoyable.

I catch glimpses of Halestorm too. Front and center Izzy Hale sounds good and loses herself going mad giving some good crazy fast songs which the crowd enjoys

T H E - H E L L A C O P T E R S

An intro with the sound of a big Helicopter flying above... I had my hopes up for a cool Finnish air-force fly over but alas it was just a helicopter sample from the big stage speakers which was still exciting enough.

The final band of the festival and what a final band they are. Rock 'n' roll garage rock vibes. Songs to dance to as well.

Tab is my favourite song of theirs. It's a powerful riff like Alice Copper's song Eighteen. After hearing that song I decided to investigate The Hellacopters when I got home and was not disappointed.

Overall Tuska was an awesome weekend. I'm glad I got to find so many new bands. My favourite acts over the weekend were; Wheel, Dimmu Borgir, Warkings, Slayer, Fear Of Domination, Hevisaurus, Dark Sarah and The Hellacopters

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