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Tuska Festival Day 2 Review

Featuring... Fear Of Domination, Lost Society, Wake Up Frankie, Maj Karma, Warkings, Kvelertak, Visions Of Atlantis, Opeth and Slayer

F E A R - O F - D O M I N A T I O N

We arrive and are straight away met with a fun facepaint covered playful child of Industrial, Symphonic and Techno metal. This is a fun band with a ridiculous full on stage show. With sounds ranging from Rob Zombie, Arch Enemy, Slipknot to My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult this is one heavy and fun band.

Crowd interaction is strong with this band with front woman, Saku Solin, commanding on how to dance and move to their songs. Noted to the bands entertainment value is their cover The Bad Touch by Bloodhound Gang.

Sick and Beautiful is one of their best songs in their performance.

L O S T - S O C I E T Y

High octane thrash which is fast fast fast....................

With wall of deaths at two in the afternoon you know this stuff is a great headbanging time for all.

I seem to remember a rather cool song called Gorilla radio. I'm pretty it sure it was a RATM cover. They owned it though.

W A K E - U P - F R A N K I E

Generally I thought they were ok. They sounded like a Thrash and death hybrid of sound. Wasted is a strong song from the band is this set and proves to be quite catchy. A good encore and a good pit brings some extra energy out of the band and performance.

M A J - K A R M A

Time for some cool classic rock / classic metal with possible hints doom in there. It's home town (I thought they were German sounding at first) band, Maj Karma, playing an impressive set.

Impressive and very cool sounding is the vocal work of frontman, Lord Ylppö, making the performance sound very powerful. It's a good set from the band with their performance remaining interesting through out the set.


Fantastically amazing battle power metal with very catchy and sing along songs.

I AM GLADITOR is a beast of a song and a favourite of the weekend. I AM GLADIATOR!!!!!

The band live up their name of Warkings with beautiful tribal chant crowd participation as part of Battle Cry.

Just for fun and as a very special treat for me and other Scots/wannabe Scots in the audience the band have a wall of death based on Breaveheart, English knights on one side and Scottish highlanders on the other. It's a good wall of death. Hadrian's Wall is destroyed, us knights and highlanders enjoy the rest of the show.

One of the best bands of the weekend and lots of fun.


With a Crazy singer and some fast rock n roll heavy rock reminisent of Airbourne, AC/DC and Jet we have the big sound of Kvelertak. They give a quick very satisfying blast of headbanging ass moving songs.

V I S I O N S - O F - A T L A N T I S

When quick paced power metal and thought out symphonic metal collide together you get Visions Of Atlantis. Beautifully sung vocals backed up with hard hitting riffs. A mix of Angra and Nightwish. They provide an excellent showing. Hoping I'll hear more from the band again soon.


A legendary performance as expected by prog metal veterans. Hilarious crowd banter from front man, Mikael Åkerfeldt. It was quite enjoyable listening to Stockholm born Mikael have a banter match with the Helsinki crowd about Ice Hockey. Finland having won the Hockey world cup but Mikael was still devastating in his witty remarks.


We all know how this went down. No one survived the madness. We'll all miss Slayer when they finish their farewell tour. I saw a few metalheads crying as I left. FUCKING SLAYER!!!!!

*Thank you for reading Review by Stefan Taylor @AspergerMemos

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