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A Secret 'Death Metal' Birthday Party - Gig Review

A Secret Birthday PARTY gig at Nice N Sleazy's. Glasgow. 17/04/2019

Hosted by Blitzkrieg Promotions

Featuring... Rend Them Asunder, Cerebral Enema, Anal Floss Is Boss and Section 9

Brutality, gore, fun and some very strong death metal.

On a lovely Wednesday evening in Glasgow in what some would say to be the arrival of spring. Some Death Metal and Gore Grind bands bloomed in a beautifully disgusting audio frenzy of excitement. These spring flowers smelled like death.

Section 9

Walking down the stairs upon arrival I hear an unexpected grovey riff from an old school style death metal band not long into their set. Intrigued, I hurry down for more. I see three young folk on stage playing to the expected standard of old school death metal to a small crowd in front of them. It’s heavy and it’s sounding very good too as you feel the differences between each song. They like to play to the old school style with some awesome break downs and good dynamics. Also as evidenced by their cover of Sepultura’s Roots Bloody Roots they have a very groovy influence too.

Tonight they played with their drummer grunting the vocals as the guitarist and bassist blasted away. Very cool.

A great 30 minute set by a young band. Looking forward to hearing more from them.

Anal Floss Is Boss

What started as good show was about to become a spectacle as next up is a one man Pornogrind band from Wales. A crazy man with an 8 string guitar with locking tuners appeared. He had dreadlocks that could compete with a wind turbine and a bag of tricks full of disgusting samples and drum beats. There’s a fudding comedic techno intro as he introduces himself before firing like a bullet into his set. His songs are very fast by grind/death metal standards and lofi which reminded me of Dying Fetus a bit. Parts within the songs are separated with sexualised samples that fit in quite well. Between songs there’s samples in the background and some good stage banter too. This crazy man is a heavier progression to the show and never to be underestimated in terms of big lofi sound. Worthy of mentioning is the comedic value with song titles such as Diarrhoea Squirt Party, Death By Cock and Flenching Fecal Fantasy. Pig squeals and deep dirty grunting roaring vocals gel this spectacle into a heavy filthy orgy of good songs and a good show. This mad man is a must for any extreme metal show.

Cerebral Enema

The spectacle remains as the third act of the night all the way from Berlin comes on to the stage as White Trash Goregrind band Cerebral Enema introduce themselves. The band members acquire themselves with some amusing face covering attires. The guitarist with a thong on his face. The bassist with an odd mask with rounded lips… The singer with a black luncha shaped mask that suspiciously looked leather.

Enema jumped into their set in a slightly different style and theme to the previous act.

They start off with a German techno dub intro for the track I Am Orphan Crippler. It was funny and then we get brutal.

We’re treated to some blastbeats again and some very good ones at that. For the most disgusting style of vocals I think this band were excellent. Vocals that consisted of pig squealing, nostril grunts and snoring were great additions to the set and to the night. There is much head banging as they play. A larger crowd comes down for them. People quickly relax and move around plus dance rather brutally on the spot. These are brutal riffs that move.

We also get our first glimpse of a mosh pit tonight. The band keeps to what I assume is mostly destructive and disgustingly mesmerising themes in the songs. They then treat us to a happy song encouraging us to destroy nazis by gore grinding them called Gore Grind Nazis. It brings a smile and cheer from the crowd. Fuck yeah!

They play the rest of the set and we all have fun.

Rend Them Asunder

The death flower soon blooms a diminishing spectacle. What was once fun and bright additions tonight give way to a dark flower inside. The silliness we were treated to previously is gone as we see the ever intense look of the shirtless vocalist Rory Malcolm staring menacingly to the audience. (photo by Arcane Photography)

The feeling in the venue changes as we prepare for the assault. The tension builds and quickly Rend Them Asunder go thrashing into their opener. The sound of the style has noticeably changed to something more threatening. What was once beefy riffs from bands previously had now become more crisp and raw. A sole high gain driven guitar through a wah effect pedal (like Morbid Angel) soloing and a less distorted cold sounding bass builds a crisp sound slightly reverbing creating a hellish feeling. Through creative choice less emphasis is given between parts in their songs. This sound grabs you in, surrounds you and keeps you in it’s trance.

First song done.


Wow. They brutalised before they’ve even battered us!

The set goes on and the chaos ensues. The singer giving us a powerful stage commanding performance watched by an audience completely into it. It’s a smallish show tonight but on the verge of medium sized. We soon get a good mosh pit going. Just enough people to form a circle pit and stop a few people from falling to hard. What happens in the pit is your classic violent fun. Devastation is delivered and we’re all happy.

About mid way through Rend Them announce the next song is slightly slower. They blast through what could be described as an apocalyptic brutal grove in a song that is entirely a breakdown. We all stamp our feet in approval.

Now that song done it’s quickly time to speed up again. We have our first fatality of the evening as a Pinata is tossed by the singer to the middle of the floor to be trampled on and annihilated by participants in a wall of death. It’s full pelt to the end as the pit rages on. The band show no remorse with their fantastic assault. In the end, despite the pinata fatality, we’re all still alive, but barely. We were treated to what I presume to be an hours set from them and the audience is glad of that.

Rend Them Asunder and the rest of the bands set a very high standard of performance tonight. These are four acts I’d certainly be happy to see again and trust to put on a great show.

*ps Whoever's birthday it was… Happy Birthday!

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