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Great Young Acts I Listened To This Year

In a time of much nostalgia for the days of past and uncertainty of the music coming out today. I want to share some great rock 'n' roll tracks that hush all they naysayers. Good music is just a click away. Go out and find it!

The Begbies – It's Just The Way

Ska, indie

Ska & Indie. If you're looking for an act to tap your toe to in 2017 this the band. Ska with that popular Scottish indie sound but remaining loyal to that mod influenced Ska sound. Make your new year's resolution to get their gigs for a good skank (ska dance).

Check out Sleeping Dogs, It's Just The Way and Stay Young // Stay Free

Hugh Kearns – Goodbye Marie


You may have heard the viral song going by the name 'Glasgow Drinking Song'. This is the artist behind the song, Hugh Kearns. Here we have his song Goodbye Marie. A fantastic ballad that moves so sweetly. I was lucky to meet Hugh at an open mic in March this year. I heard him perform Goodbye Marie live and was hooked.

Check out; Glasgow Drinking Song, Ragtime and Goodbye Marie

Milk Teeth – Crows Feet

Grunge, Punk

You love heavy music but you're tired of bands with neck tattoos and screaming, well look no further than this band. Releasing their brilliant debut album 'Vile Child' back in January. This fresh sounding attack of punk and grunge has you headbanging and singing along to some very catchy choruses. There's no nostalgia here, this is Milk Teeth's own sound and style, something new.

Check out, Vitamins, Crows Feet and Swear Jar (again)

Black Honey – Hello Today

Alternative Rock,

Alternative Rock, Indie and Psychedelia rolled into one gigantic grooving sound. I saw them live at Nice n Sleazy back in October. It was amazing. People were awed at the presence of front woman Izzy Baxter. Her guitar/vocals and the rest of the band created a enchanting sound that left you swaying side to side. “We're Black Honey and We're From Space” says Izzy. An accurate statement !

The Lapelles – Grab Life By

Indie, Alternative

A band making huge waves in the UK music scene that was on the verge of great things until the tragic passing of frontman Gary Watson in August 2016. If one had seen the Lapelles they would have seen passionate fans enthralled by the amazing stage presence and energy of the band. They'd jump around, dance away, they'd all be moving. Someone (probably Gary) would be crowd surfing as well.

A great personality off stage and on you'd always be to happy to have seen Gary.

Check out this group set up as a tribute to Gary by Matthew Johnstone. The Grab Life By Foundation, which aims to enhance the Scottish music scene by getting more youngsters involved in the industry before they finish school.


Toy Mountains – Old Friends

Post hardcore,

Not my prefered choice of music to listen to but going by the standard of Old Friends and other songs from the I Swore I'd Never Speak Of This Again EP there is some good stuff to be heard. There's some variety to this band that brings you in but they can be brutal just as well

Check out, I Could Care Less, Hard Done By and Old friends

The Magic Gang – Only Waiting

Rock, Chill

A nice droning sound. It's cool to just chill out and experience The Magic Gang's sound. There's a vintage 90s sound in the guitar parts in their songs which is sweet. A small blip on my radar this year I look forward to discovering more of The Magic Gang soon.

Check out, Feeling Better, All This Way, Only Waiting and Jasmine

Dream Wife

Gothic pop/rock

If you're looking for a creepy/geeky kind of act to listen to this might be for you. A mix of retro sound gothic pop and rock quite a surprise when you realise this band is from this era of the late 2010s. This act is quite out the loop of whats currently popular in music at the moment so you're going to hear something different. This is their sound and you will come to like it.

Check out, Kids, Believe and Hey Heartbreaker

So here's some young artists for you to enjoy in 2017 and if you're thinking there's still not any good young or local bands about then, keep looking! I believe to enjoy music today you have to be an active listener. There's hidden gems all over the musical spectrum waiting to be found and that you can't wait to hear it on the radio or Spotify. You got to be with 'it' from the start.

* This is all my own personal picks. Asperger Memos is not sponsored by anyone or any organisation. * My thoughts are my own. ** This article does not create any commercial revenue from copyrighted art featured

*** Any bands or management that have queries with the article can contact here

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