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My name is Stefan. I have Asperger's Syndrome and Depression. I live in a world of varied obsessions that always must be talked about and expressed at the most inappropriate of times. I write, I play music and I make videos generally about my interests. This is my page to share in all the things I love. To share all my ideas people said are too full of nonsense.

There will be a lot of dark content on this page. I am no specialist on any of the subjects. I only share my own experiences.

I approach this page with few aims other than to enjoy myself and share my stories for others. This is the beginning, I will see how this page will pan out.  Being a musician with the way my aspergers is I am never comfortable strumming a few chords and singing songs to people. I've never had much luck forming and joining bands due to my communication difficulty. I'm not entirely sure what a professional musician does.  So this page is my output for my talents. What else can I do? This is me going off touring the world. Against the world is aclichéd term but for those on the Autistic Spectrum it is a fact of day to day life.


The current business plan so far is to continually post songs, videos and articles that confuse people that say 'your ideas are mad' until the end of time.


My favourite things in life are trains, wrestling, music, doctor who and football.




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